About the V2R-Reader

The V2R Business Card Scanner is an App from Germany for automatically importing data from business cards. The V2R Reader attaches great importance to avoid anything that might cause security concerns (cloud computing or storage other than iTunes) or that is annoying when working (ads, limitations of functionality).

There are no restrictions of functionality that you would have to be unlocked through in-app purchases, no ads, no access to location data or other features that are actually not needed by business card reader.

Business cards are detected, whether rectangular, square, oriented in portrait or landscape mode, if rotated by 90 or 180°; special formats such as round or oval cards can also be read - due to lack of edges the app may state "no card found", but you can scan the photo anyway.

Sources of contact data are photos, taken in the app, or images that are stored in the Camera Roll.

The text recognition uses OCR on your device. The scanner operates locally without connection to any server or a cloud.

20 languages are supported (the two Norwegian variants are counted only as one language)

The entire text found will be stored, so that e.g. opening times of restaurants and any other information is retained, which cannot be associated with traditional contact data fields.

Besides the standard data fields you can also define custom data fields which will be stored with the card as well as included when exporting the contact.

An image of the business card is saved together with the contact; you can view the data collected and always compare it with the original information on the business card; even handwritten notes remain available.

You can save all scanned cards right away, e.g. for making good use of of a break or good light conditions. But you shouldn't assume that all data are recognised 100 % correctly. Instead double check them at some time if all saved data is correct. Tipping on the small image of a business card opens the contact for editing. A second click, on th epen symbol, offers to add data in compliance with the iOS standards for contact data. You may also add your own attributes, together with data, which will of course be included in data exports.

There are two list views: a vertical view with sorting by date, name and format, and search function and horizontal view by date, from which you can call contacts directly or send them a text message or e-mail.

Last update: 18.02.2016