V2R Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a top priority. There is no processing or storage of the scanned data in a cloud, no tracking of the user behaviour, no forwarding of any information which is not under your control.
     Your data belongs to you!

Further, there is no restriction of functionality that you would have to be unlocked through in-app purchases, no ads are present (neither visible ones nor invisible zero-bytes tracking images), no access to location data, nor any other feature that is actually not needed for the V2R Business Card Reader to function.

This privacy policy may be changed over the time; this page will inform about changes, and the Pull News of the app will notify about such a change, in case.

Contact by mail: information@v2r.de

Imprint / Legal Details
V2R Vision to Reality GmbH
Kurfürstenstr. 8, D-45138 Essen, Germany
Tel.: +49 172 2491982, information@v2r.de
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director: Bernd Mielke
Amtsgericht Essen HRB 24840
UST-Id.: DE 291 593 046

Last update: 07.03.2018