Social networks

The V2R-Businesscard-Reader offers the following integration mwith these three major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing.

The only function is "Lookup" - to look up the selected contact in these networks. The search function shows all public profiles related tot he name which is captured from the business card. No data exchange is taking place.

You reach the function by selecting a concrete contact, editing it and selecting then "Look Up".

For a future version of the V2R Reader an optional data alignment is foreseen, when the user confirms that the selected contact is the same that is on the business card. It will be a bit tricky to deal with the fact that online contact information is often outdated, compared to the received business card. Or vice versa, if one does scan a card only some time after one received it, and the person from the business card moved already on to a new role ...

Last update: 18.02.2016